Apartment Fire Safety

by Tom Simplot

Apr 10, 2016

Spring in Arizona is a particularly enjoyable time. Living in an apartment community can be even more fun as you can share in the common areas and use community barbeques.


In recent weeks, a few neighborhood and apartment-community fires have been in the news. These accidents remind us to be vigilant about fire safety.


Many apartment communities offer enhanced safety features, and some management companies provide trainings about safety features within your community. Here are a couple of key fire-prevention tips:


Check candles, fireplaces. Unattended candles cause thousands of fires in homes ever year, according to the National Fire Protection Association. Blowing them out before you leave the room is an easy way to prevent fires. If you have a fireplace, be sure that the fire is safely out and that embers can’t escape through the grill.


Cool your outdoor grill. One community recently had a fire start when a resident used his electric grill, then put it away before it was completely cool. The fire started in a closet and quickly spread. If you are using a grill, be sure that the BBQ has completely cooled before storing it.


Know your escape plan. It’s important to know how to escape in an emergency. You need to know where the stairs are and where the emergency exits are. Run a quick practice with your family so everyone knows how to get out and where to meet. If you have to seal yourself in for safety, you can still protect yourself until the fire department is able to come and help you. Wet towels placed under the door to prevent smoke from getting in to a room. If possible, get to a room with a window; open it (if the fire isn’t outside) to bring in fresh air.