Allergies? Start by spring cleaning and changing AC filter

by Tom Simplot

Mar 8, 2015

Walk into your neighborhood pharmacy, and it’s clear allergy season is in full bloom. Every end cap features medications to clear your nose and eyes. There are also lots of small changes we can make in our apartments to help.

Spring clean

Your mother was right. Spend time cleaning places in your home where dust rests for a long time.

  • Blinds and window coverings. Thoroughly dust your blinds or wipe them down with a wet cloth. Fabric blinds should be vacuumed.
  • Vacuum your rugs and carpets well.
  • Vacuum your couches and chairs. Allergens from clothing may transfer to your couch.
  • Dust your ceiling fans. Turning them on after winter will spray dust all over the room.
  • Check for mold in bathrooms and in the kitchen. Treat with regular cleaners. If you have a larger mold issue, notify your maintenance staff.

Check your filter and AC

Change your air filter. You can purchase high-quality filters that will remove more dust and allergens. Your apartment manager may have new air filters for you to use. Check with your manager to see if you should change your air filter or if they prefer maintenance staff do this.

Leave windows closed

It can be tempting to sleep with the windows open when the weather is nice, but pollen and allergens will make their way into your apartment with an open window.

A little prevention can help manage your allergy symptoms. Take these steps and you’ll breathe much easier.