Smoke-Free Communities

by Tom Simplot

Jan 29, 2017

The dangers of smoking, and even the risks of secondhand smoke, have been well-documented. In buildings where smoking is permitted, non-smoking residents may still experience secondhand smoke in common areas and see smoke drifting into their units.


About two years ago, the Arizona Multihousing Association partnered with the Arizona Department of Health Services to educate residents and operators and create more smoke-free options for residents of apartment communities. Nearly 100 buildings boast the Smoke-free Living designation across the state. Some operators are shifting toward the smoke free community designation as leases expire. Once a smoker moves out, the owner can repaint, replace carpeting or flooring and even replace appliances where smoking impacted its use, and then rent the home as a smoke-free home.


Children and older adults who may have breathing issues enjoy more benefits from smoke-free living. If a resident is struggling with negative health effects from secondhand smoke, they should contact their apartment/property manager immediately. There you can share your concerns and explore how this issue can be addressed.


Many residents now look for communities designated as smoke-free living communities. Studies show residents view this as an amenity and some even report being willing to pay more to live in a smoke-free home.


Residents who are interested in smoke-free living can ask managers to explore adopting a no-smoking rule or even becoming a smoke-free property.


The Arizona Smoke-free Living website offers residents and managers tools and information on the benefits of smoke-free communities. (