Online Reviews

by Tom Simplot

Jun 26, 2016

Facebook, Instragram and Yelp can help us discover new restaurants, service providers and so much more. Reviews written by patrons help visitors make better, more informed choices.


More and more, apartment communities are being included in these reviews and savvy apartment hunters are checking local sites for feedback about the lifestyle and resident experiences. When you find an apartment that looks like a good fit, it can be worth the extra step to see if the community has online reviews on some of these sites.


Visiting the community’s website can offer lots of great information, but the personal feedback of residents and managers on social media sites can help potential residents learn more about how the community lives.


As with all social media reviews, buyers should beware. Online platforms can easily be abused by residents with a particular issue who are working to get the attention of their management company. This tool in your research toolbox can offer you good questions to ask during your tour if you are seeing issues arise again and again.


If you’re happy with your community, or have a great experience, take the time to help educate future residents with a post that’s specific.


Some apartment communities use these platforms to educate renters about the amenities, specials and even the neighborhood. Community and management company blogs can be a great source of information about the company and new communities coming to market.