Coordinate Your Move

by Tom Simplot

May 7, 2017

Next weekend cars, trucks and moving vans will be pulling up outside of dorms and apartment buildings across Arizona. Students will be wrapping up another school year and leaving their dorms rooms behind.


For these students (and those helping them move), planning the move can be stressful. Many dorms require that students leave within a day or two of completion of their exams. Hundreds of people moving boxes, looking for parking and pulling dollies, will swarm campuses, all with the same goal.


Universities often give students a list of action items to prepare and execute to complete their move out.


Set a timeline: Schedule an appointment with the resident adviser or manager for your final walk-through. This will prevent you from scrambling to find someone to help when everyone else is doing the same.


Coordinate with roommates: Review how you’ll with any final fees before students leave for summer break.


Dispose of discards responsibly: Check ASU’s “Ditch the Dumpster” program to learn about how you can recycle and upcycle items. The university has teamed with local nonprofits to take quality unwanted goods and recycle them to benefit the community. This keeps waste out of landfills and helps individuals and families in need.


Clean up your apartment: It can be tempting to leave trash or not to do a final cleaning. Most college dorms and apartments charge a cleaning fee if you leave a mess.


Protect yourself: The chaos created by friends and parents coming in and out of buildings can make it easier for thieves to get into buildings during a busy moving week. Stay extra vigilant and don’t prop open doors or leave your room open while you run to your vehicle.


The end of school year comes fast and it can be tough to study for finals and plan for a move at the same time. Planning can ease the stress.