Don't Get Burned

by Tom Simplot

Jan 8, 2017

One of the best things about living in Arizona is our enviable weather, especially in the winter. When it does come time to turn on the heat, however, there are easy ways to do this to protect your home and save money, too.


Use your ceiling fans: Many ceiling fans have a switch at the base of the fan where you can reverse the direction of the fan. This will pull cooler air up and warm air will be pushed down making the room feel warmer.


Turn on the heat: It’s probably as simple as checking your thermostat and switching the system to heat. This may create a strange smell when the heat turns on but this is normal. Reset the heat temperatures for day and night if you have a timer on your thermostat. In some apartment communities, your maintenance team can help you turn on the heat in your home, if needed.


Try out the fireplace: If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace in your apartment or rental home, this source for heat also provides ambiance. Before you light the fire, do a quick check of the flue and ensure the damper is open and clear. This season, Arizona cities experience higher pollution days and there are certain “No Burn Days” when you can’t use your wood-burning fireplace, even with manufactured logs. Fires in gas fireplaces are permitted.


Room heaters: Electric space heaters can be a solution in an apartment. It can save you money by heating only the room where you are and being portable enough to move from room to room. Heaters with auto-shut-off or a timer provide additional safety, in case you forget and leave it on too long. When placing your electric heater, be sure it sits level at least 3 feet away from drapes, furniture or bedding. Plug it into a socket that is secure or on a power surge protector.


For apartment dwellers in colder climes across the state, placing rugs on wood or tile floors and dressing in layers can keep you warmer.