Apartment Amenities

by Tom Simplot

Apr 23, 2017

Some of today’s newer and updated apartment communities offer jaw-dropping amenities to their residents. Wine rooms, fitness centers with Bluetooth connections, fitness classes, pet runs and movie theaters create an enviable lifestyle.


This year, the National Apartment Association studied what amenities residents are willing to pay more to enjoy. Most residents reported they prefer amenities that create connections with other residents, particularly pools, barbecue areas and clubhouses.


Inside the homes, many residents ranked upgraded kitchens and appliances and hardwood flooring as premiums that were important. Washer/dryers and energy efficient appliances also ranked high.


Many residents in this national survey reported that fitness classes, bike storage, and health and wellness programs add value to their life in their apartment community.


When considering which apartment community you prefer, it’s important to examine your own lifestyle and then prioritize the amenities that you want or need. Residents should also think about the amenities that might save money or make work lives easier. Community wi-fi and a business center might make your telework days more productive. The coffee station in the community center could save you a couple of bucks and some time every morning. Taking Zumba or yoga classes in your community’s fitness center can also save time and money. And if your cute Golden Retriever needs a weekly bath, what better way to save money than to rent in a community which provides a pet wash.


Reviewing the perks a community offers, and deciding what you want to pay for and how they will enhance your life will make choosing a community easier.